The I Bootcamp in Valencia is underway

On the 3rd of June, the I EDIBO Bootcamp started in Valencia, organized by the Polytechnical University of Valencia. The content of the course, “Full-Stack programmer with MEAN”, has been chosen for being one of the most demanded job profiles currently by the Valencian SMEs.

In the course were 25 students signed up who, following the objectives and incentives of the EDIBO project, have an age compressed between 18 and 29 years and that are not studying neither working (NEETs). In turn, it has been given priority to those whose age is in between 25 and 29 years, women and/or those that are in risk of social exclusion.

The training is divided in 50 sessions of 4 hours of duration and covers approximately two months and a half: from the 3rd of June to the 12th of August. Besides subjects specific to Full-Stack programming with MEAN (NODE + Express, Mongo, Angular…), there are also worked on soft skills, entrepreneurship skills and linguistic competence in English. All of this has as objective to improve the employability of this young people not only in terms of their knowledge but also in terms of social and personal skills.

Once this training has been completed, the students will begin a term of 200 hours of internships in companies. In this way, they will be able to put into practice the acquired knowledge and obtain a professional experience that will be hugely useful in their searching of a job later.

So far, after 25 formative sessions that have been carry out, the professors have been able to perceive that the self-esteem has increased among the students; that many of them have gone from a sceptical attitude over their own capabilities in relation to computer technologies to a more receptive and open attitude; that it has been formed a valuable relationship among all the students; and that in many cases they help each other when it come to understanding concepts or solving their internships and projects.  

In summary, the perception of the development of the I Bootcamp of Valencia is satisfactory for both the students and the organizers. We trust that this training will be a great impulse to help these young people achieve a full integration in the workplace. For our part, we are already starting the preparation of the next edition that will begin in September.

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