The 1st EDIBO Bootcamp in Bulgaria started on 14.01.2020!

The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovation (IYII) has launched its first EDIBO Bootcamp on 14th of January at the International College in Dobrich. In a specially equipped hall, enrolled young people up to 29 who are not studying and not currently working (NEETs) will have the opportunity, within 200 hours, to acquire the necessary computer skills to start their own businesses or to start working in an existing company. The training will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, students will attend theoretical classes, and in the second phase, the best students will have the opportunity to intern at an IT sposor company.

The aim of the first phase is to improve not only technical knowledge but also to enhance English and soft skills such as group work  entrepreneurship. With regard to the second phase, the aim is the students to participate in real projects in real IT companies to enhance their experience, self-esteem and eventually getting a job.

The training in Dobrich started by completing an online questionnairies by NEETs in order to help EDIBO trainers to clarify the students’ level of readiness, to tailor lessons and hands-on activities to the specific audience, as well as creating a profile in the Google Classroom Educational Platform that will be used by lecturers throughout the whole training. Google Classroom is an online based software that enables students to take advantage of the multimedia content published by EDIBO trainers, and to solve tests and tasks online and to check them quickly and efficiently.

The Digital Skills training courses are organized under the project EDIBO (European Digital Bootcamps), funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

The Institute for Youth Initiatives and Innovation, as a national partner for Bulgaria, will organize a total of 6 training courses by the end of September 2021.

More information about the course syllabus, how to apply and the necessary documents can be found on the IYII website ( or contact directly the EDIBO team   

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