Summary of the first three digital bootcamps in Valencia

As of the end of February, the team of the Universitat Politècnica de València has organized 3 digital bootcamps in Valencia, Spain. The first two have already concluded and the third digital bootcamp is currently finishing its 200-hour training phase.

All editions were designed based on the lack of ‘Full-Stack Programmer’ profiles in the market. The program is distributed in two parts of 200 hours each, the first one being the course and the second one an internship within a company. The classes have a length of 4 hours are grouped in 11 different modules which not only comprise topics related to the development of web applications (HTML, Mongo DB, Angular, React…), but also include some to boost abilities such as their English level and soft skills.

The profiles of our students are quite diverse, coming from fields which range from design to health and even engineering. Some of them have some type of post-compulsory education and still they find the need to further expand their areas of experience to either find better job positions or just find them at all.

Most of our students from the first edition are currently working in different companies. This course has helped them with the development of the required technical skills of a ‘Full-Stack Programmer’, boosting their confidence and experience in this sector. In their work environments they are encountering real-life cases and challenges that are helping further their knowledge and abilities day-to-day.

In regard to the feedback received after the course, a student commented on the importance of computer science saying nowadays is “essential to any work environment”. Another student also said EDIBO has brought him “luck, hope and the chance of looking for a better future” classifying the classes has “entertaining and fun, focused on practice”. Moreover, they also said computer science is “practically an endless field and personally I believe is incredible just how much we’ve been taught”.

Overall, these digital bootcamps have so far worked with 75 students and plans to keep going. The progress our students have made in their professional lives will continue and hopefully encourage others to take this initiative.

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