II Info-Day of the EDIBO project in Valencia, Spain

On the 27th of February, the II Info-Day of the EDIBO Project took place at the headquarters of the Mancomunitat Camp de Túria in Llíria (Valencia, Spain). The event aimed to present the project and the fourth bootcamp to local businesses and the city council technicians responsible for employment and youth policies.

The event began with a few words from Ms. María Dolores Celda, president of the Mancomunitat Camp de Túria and mayor of Marines (Valencia, Spain), who presented the project in broad strokes and stressed how digital bootcamps such as EDIBO are a good way to improve and strengthen employment amongst local unemployed youth.

Next, Pablo Boix, president of the Association for the Development of Logistics (ADL), focused his speech on logistics and warehouse management, discipline that is set to be the topic for the next bootcamp to be developed in Valencia. During his intervention, Mr. Pablo Boix stressed the importance of logistic activities to improve the benefits of a company and said that this activity will be the main workhorse of companies in the coming years. In addition, technology has greatly modified warehouse management in recent years and companies are demanding people with specific training who know how to perform these functions efficiently.

Afterwards, the main researcher of the project EDIBO in Spain, Lenin Lemus, presented the EDIBO project offering an overview of the problem of youth unemployment in Spain and the demand of experts in Information Technology and Communications (TICS). He also detailed the result of the first three bootcamps already implemented and presented the theme and program of the fourth bootcamp, which will focus on the management of warehouses and stocks.

Then, what took place was a round table moderated by Miguel Ángel Mateo Pla, professor of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and researcher of the EDIBO project. In it, the EDIBO project was discussed from the perspective of those responsible for the training of students: teachers, practice tutors and course organizers.

Lastly, there was question time. In it, attendees raised many questions and comments, being very interested in the project and the proposal of the fourth bootcamp. The event ended with a small snack where we continued talking about the project and raising possible future actions.

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