EDIBO conference “(RE)START – IT WANTED”

On December 11th, 2020, an EDIBO conference “(RE)START – IT WANTED” was held online. The Integration Centre (Lithuania) invited three IT professionals from Lithuania to answer the most important questions about IT world – Monika Simaškaitė, the CEO of Turing School (programming and digital skills school), Darius Dužinskas, Chief People & Marketing Officer in IT company Baltic Amadeus, and Donatas Benaitis, CTO of Kilo.Health.

During the conference, speakers broke all kinds of myths about the IT sector and people working in it, shared what it is needed to be an IT specialist, what are the current top professions that may not have even existed a decade ago, where to start if a person would like to enter the IT path and what do companies expect from newcomers! The conference gathered all kinds of viewers, from people generally curious about the topic to IT veterans working in this field for many years now.

Later the speakers’ deliveries were followed by the presentation of EDIBO Bootcamps by the project’s lead partner Erika Nika. Erika spoke about the goals and vision of the project as well as the opportunities that it provides to other people. The goals of the conference were to dive in into the IT world and see what is the tendency with the employment, career choosing, work ethics, what skills and perhaps even personality traits are welcomed in the IT sector; to inspire and encourage the target audience of the project to try themselves in this career path and by that attracting new participants for the 5th EDIBO bootcamp in Lithuania.

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