4th Digital Bootcamp in Valencia (Spain)

The last week of December finished the training period of the fourth digital bootcamp in Valencia (Spain). After 8 weeks and 200 hours of intense work, 21 students (including 7 girls) have successfully passed all the subjects. Now they are ready to start their internship period in a company and thus finish their training in the EDIBO program.

Unlike the previous three, this fourth digital bootcamp has been focused on warehouse management, logistics and inventory control. In recent years technology has greatly modified warehouse management and companies are demanding people with specific training who know how to perform these functions efficiently. The objective of this course has been to prepare students to successfully meet these challenges.

The classes have been grouped into 7 different modules which comprise topics related to logistics and warehouse management (125 hours) and also include some to boost abilities such as their English level (40 hours) and soft skills (35 hours). The classes have taken place in the classrooms of Alfatec, a center specialized in digital training located in Valencia.

In summary, the perception of the development of the 4th Bootcamp of Valencia is satisfactory for the students, teachers and organizers. We are confident that this training will be an aid to enhance their employability and improve their chances of achieving a full integration in the workplace. On the other hand, we are already starting the preparation of the next edition that will begin in January and March. Both will focus on “Full-Stack programmer with MEAN” and you can get more information in this link: https://formacion.alfatecsistemas.es/true/5edibo-fullstackmean/

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