1st Info Day for EDIBO project in Riga (Latvia)

On 12th of February 2018, the 1st National Info-Day of EDIBO project was held in the ES Māja premises in Riga (Latvia). Event was organized by the Foundation for Society as a national project EDIBO partner.

The main idea about the 1st Info Day was to put together the project target group (NEETs) with IT enterprises to settle successful future cooperation.

Aija Lokenbaha, member of the board of Foundation for Society, started the Info Day with presentation about the project EDIBO, its goals, activities and expected impact at national level. Aija Lokenbaha informed about the planned work schedule, main criteria for NEETs and IT companies.

At the second part of the First Info Day Martins Zvigulis, IT expert of project EDIBO, explained in detail about the planned Bootcamps, learning process, what could be expected and what level of knowledge is necessary for NEETs to enter the Bootcamp. Martins Zvigulis also explained the situation in Latvian labor market in IT field with detailed statistical information, to show potential Bootcamp participants how promising is IT field.

At the end of the First Info Day intensive discussion started between the participants, where more active NEETs were already enlisted by IT companies, as there is a high demand of programmers in Latvia.

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