1st Digital Bootcamp in Greece

As part of EDIBO project, the 1st Digital Bootcamp has officially started in Athens, Greece on 13th of December 2019. Three Thirds Society NPO in cooperation with the University of West Attica is implementing the 1st cycle until March 2020. 21 participants, all belonging in the NEET category, are able to learn how to use LabVIEW which is a valuable tool for their successful adjustment to workforce.

After the completion of 200 hours some of the participants will have the chance to proceed with an internship to companies so as to test the knowledge and skills they gained through the Digital Bootcamp.

But these are not the only good news, as after the end of this cycle, 5 more will follow so as to provide with digital skills approximately 150 young people who are not currently working, studying or participating in any training activity. This number for us is a responsibility that we will try to follow through and give the opportunity to participants being active members of Greek society.

If you want to take part to the next cycles that will follow very soon don’t hesitate to contact us and find more here info@3ts.gr and in our Facebook page.

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